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mycompanyweb on sbs 2003 how to disable it

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  • mycompanyweb on sbs 2003 how to disable it

    Hi All, well this is my first post and very excited and hope I can find the answer to my question here.

    We just finish setting up a sbs 2003 server for a company

    during setup we setup the domain as insteat of companyx.local,

    the sbs2003 is the dns server for all workstations in order to email to work properly.

    Now the company website companyx. com , is hosted outside the network, however when any user inside the domain try to access it gets an error message.

    how do I tell the server to route any request for companyx. com to the outside and not to the server itself?? should I disable the mycompanyweb option on sbs and if yes how do I do it

    Hope the question is clear enough

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: mycompanyweb on sbs 2003 how to disable it

    The short answer is you need to set up split DNS.
    Simply put an A record in the DNS on the SBS - zone - for www, pointing to the external IP of the site.
    As for disabling compayweb - why bother! Just ignore it until such time as you are ready for using sharepoint.

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      Re: mycompanyweb on sbs 2003 how to disable it

      Worked like a charm

      Thanks a million