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sbs2011, pop and global mailboxes

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  • sbs2011, pop and global mailboxes

    This has just got me on an install:

    "Global mailboxes are not supported in Windows SBS 2011 Standard. Instead, you can map a POP3 account to a group that is enabled to send and receive email in Windows SBS 2011 Standard."

    If I make a mail enabled group and make people members of it, everyone receives each others mail!

    How is this supposed to be done? This is my first 2011 box after working with 2003 and 2008.

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    Re: sbs2011, pop and global mailboxes

    so you're telling me that in SBS2011, you cannot map a POP3 account to a single mailbox?

    (also, is there any reason you continue to use POP3?)
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      Re: sbs2011, pop and global mailboxes

      No, it's the other way round!
      In previous versions you could define a global mailbox and the POP3 connector would distribute it to the relevant mailbox. As well as that you could define one to one mailbox relationships ie [email protected] could be connected to [email protected].
      All that has changed is that the Global Mailbox is no longer an option - the only alternative is that all mail sent to a external POP3 mailbox can be sent to a distribution group, where of course all members will see the content.

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        Re: sbs2011, pop and global mailboxes

        I'm quite happy MS has done this, it's giving me leverage over my last few customers who refuse to move from POP3 to SMTP.
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