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SBS 2K3: Setting up VPN, RRAS crashes.

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  • SBS 2K3: Setting up VPN, RRAS crashes.

    Before i'll post my problem, i should introduce myself.
    I'm Thomas, 21 (22 on the 18e March) years old and working as a IT-specialist at an hospital. In sphere time i'm maintaining a server which is running at a Hockey Club.

    They asked me to create a secure environment, so no one can acces their digital files an no-one-else can access the workstations.

    So i started to install a server with W2k3 SBS and flew threw the updates. After the updates is started with DCpromo and made some users. After that i installed the RRAS tool and configured it.

    It looks like this:

    Modem (thomson tg789vn)
    Network Interface 1:
    L W2k3 SBS Server (NIC1: Fixed IP)
    L W2k3 SBS Server (NIC2: Fixed IP)
    L Switch
    L 2 Workstations (Clients)

    Network Interface 2:
    L Cisco WRT160N
    L Clients connecting by WiFi

    I'm running DHCP, so all clients will obtain an IP from the server. Till here, everything works fine.
    Like using the internet, using mail and such.

    But when a VPN connection is set up on one of the two clients to an external server, it looks like the RRAS service stops after serveral minutes... We can't make use of any internetservices. (I'm monitoring the W2k3 SBS server over an VPN also, this wil disconnect on the same time)

    (At the same time the workstations connected by Wifi experience no problems)

    After serveral minites (a minute of 3/4) the connection will resume.

    I traced some logs in C:\windows\Tracing\ and it looks like the server is receiving invalid packets.

    What now?