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fix my network wizard

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  • fix my network wizard

    Hi everyone
    When I run" fix my network " in my SBS 2008 I get error "no primary network adapter found" .What does it mean? SBS works fine but I have every times every day system error 10016. I did clean install SBS 2008 on test server and got same resultes. Is it microsoft bug?

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    Re: fix my network wizard

    Is your Local area connection set as your primary connection?

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      Re: fix my network wizard

      There is only one LAN. Second network adapter unpluged.


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        Re: fix my network wizard

        Do the two adapters show up in Windows? I appreciate that they work but I've seen a server where they don't appear before, while connectivity remains.

        Try disabling the disconnected adapter.
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          Re: fix my network wizard

          SBS 2008/11 only supports one NIC, so the install should have automatically disabled all except the one in use. As gforce said, disable the second adapter if it is not already.
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            Re: fix my network wizard

            Thank u guys. The second NIC (Local Area Connection 2) disabled ,but I dont think that it is an issue. On test server there is only one NIC and I have The same error


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              Re: fix my network wizard


              That article fixed my event id 10016.

              Below is an article I found for no primary nic found while running the fix my network wizard. Looks like a registry fix.