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Setting up permissions

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  • Setting up permissions

    How do I set up user access permissions to allow a user access to some
    particular folders only which are inside of some nested folders and nothing
    else? I was thinking of adding the user to a security group for future
    use and giving the group access to only the specified folders. In this
    case however I would need to remove the users within that group from
    being Domain Users, wouldn't I? By default the Domain Users group has
    access to all the folders. Thing is it's quite useful to have a user
    in the Domain Users group. Besides that's the default group.
    Can someone think of some other solution?

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    Re: Setting up permissions

    Do NOT remove user from Domain Users - it will break lots of things for him/her.
    OTOH you can remove Domain Users from the directory - even if it is inherited. It is in the advanced section of the directory security permissions.

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