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RWW Cerificate error in one computer

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  • RWW Cerificate error in one computer

    [SOLVED] Hello all,

    I have one remote, and we need him to connect to the company LAN using the RWW. We purchased a Godaddy certificate and I tested the RWW from different computers (XP and Vista) and everything works perfect.

    The remote user has a Windows XP SP3, and when he tries to connect to the RWW ( he gets a certificate error, I don't understand why this happens??. I don't get the certificate error, and I tried with different computers, diferent Internet connections, from home, etc. and I never get the certificate error. Can you help me please.

    Thank you so much,

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    Re: RWW Cerificate error in one computer

    Hi again,

    It's fixed now. The problem was that he was using a wifi Internet access, and there were a firewall in the middle that was blocking the required ports for the RWW access. The IT guy opened the required ports and now it works perfectly.




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      Re: RWW Cerificate error in one computer

      Thanks for posting back your solution. If you look in your header information, you will see that I have given you "Reputation Points" - I do that for people who post back solutions to their own problems (as well as to others). I believe it is good forum behaviour...

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