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Hyper-V in SBS 2008 Standard

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  • Hyper-V in SBS 2008 Standard

    I am going to upgrade a network for my customer next month. They are a charitable organization and get their software donanted for a small administration fee through Tech Soup.

    I wanted to install SBS 2008 Premium and run their terminal server on the SBS box as a VM. I noticed on the Tech Soup site that SBS 2008 Premium is out of stock.

    Can I still run Hyper-V in SBS 2008 Standard if I provide my own license for the Servr 2008 VM? Can Hyper-V be enabled as a role in SBS 2008 Standard?

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    Re: Hyper-V in SBS 2008 Standard

    See if this helps.
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      Re: Hyper-V in SBS 2008 Standard

      Thanks for the link biggles77. I recall reading that article when I installed SBS 2008 in a VM a couple of years ago (test platform).

      I thought one of the main reasons for the 'Premium' version of SBS 2008 was so you could run LOB applications in a VM without comprimizing the SBS 2008 parent, especialyy SQL Server applications. It would stand to reason that the VM server would have to be a part of the SBS 2008 domain if there were LOB aplications running on the VM.

      I do not see where terminal services would be any different to run in a VM, but the terminal server VM would have to be a part of the SBS 2008 domain.
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        Re: Hyper-V in SBS 2008 Standard

        You cannot use SBS as the Hyper-V host - it is not licensed and it is not supported. (IIRC it scr3ws up DHCP for starters).
        You can download the free Hyper-V Server and use it as the host - you can then install anything you like in it including SBS2008 (providing you have the necessary license). However you will not have a GUI to manage it - only CLI or the RSAT tools on a workstation (or, if you have a lot of money, SCVMM!)
        SBS 2008 premiuim and now SBS 2011 Premium add-on include a license for an extra Windows Server 2008 on which you can install the Hyper-V role, which, of course, means it can be managed by GUI...

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