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SBS2008 Unable to RDP Period!

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  • SBS2008 Unable to RDP Period!

    Unable to find a solid solution anywhere on the web. Customer has SBS2008 and 4 workgroup computers. Before we came on site to assist, their server was connected to D-Link switch and D-Link wireless router and a Cyberlink switch was also in the mix. Previous consultant set up RDP for all users to get to Quickbooks on the SBS2008 Standard server. They then bought Cisco ASA 5505. All their systems were consistenly losing connectivity and the internet due to this set up. Then someone re-IPd the entire network and server (a network tech). Then they unplugged everything and set it up in the ASA. Everything stopped working at that point. At this point I'm not even sure how they RDP'd into the server without admin credentials, unless TS was set up with an eval. Now that doesn't work as well. We set up the ASA and bought a separate 2960 switch for their office and they have internal to the server and external connectivity (internet). But no one can RDP from any machine internally or externally now. We have set up VPN and can access. No ports that are needed are blocked on the ASA inbound and all ports are open outbound. I updated the RDP client on the XP workstations. I am suggesting they remove Quickbooks from this server because this is a DC as well as everything else that SBS puts in there. They don't need Exchange. Their mail is hosted offsite. They don't need half the things on this box. Everyone belongs to the Remote Users group. And the server is checked. I reran the Fix my Network and Connect to the internet. Not sure if changing the IP on the server without knowing what that entailed or if there were other settings that someone changed. Their network is now clean, but no RDP for admins to the server. I have set them up with LogMeIn for now from home. AND I've had to turn off the server's firewall so they can open QB from their internal workstations. I've added the QB 2011 ports to the server FW and no dice unless FW is off. I'm thinking a rebuild of the entire system or adding a Win2008 TS and putting QB on this. Any thoughts?

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    Re: SBS2008 Unable to RDP Period!

    I'd approach the issue like this:

    1. Can I telnet from the server itself, to port 3389 on itself? (ie telnet localhost 3389)
    this will rule out a TS problem.
    2. can I resolve the hostname of the TS from the clients? Is IT correct?!?
    3. Can I ping the hostname of the TS from the clients?
    Is It correct?
    4. Can I ping the IP of the TS from the clints?\
    If not, what is the error. Is it the correct IP?
    5. Can I telnet to port 3389 on the ip address of the server from the clients?
    If not, what is the error?

    6. Have I disabled Windwos Firewall Service on the server completely?

    what is the physical architecture of the network - IE, what devices sit where. What about the numeric architecture? Is it all on the same subnet?

    I'd also forget all about external access, and whether or not people have administrative access, or access to remote desktop users for now - I'd focus solely on "Can I obtain a solid network connection to port 3389"

    Then, I'd look at the rest.
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      Re: SBS2008 Unable to RDP Period!

      Can ping and resolve names from each client to the server.
      Cannot telnet to port 3389.
      Can't find where this is blocked.
      My network engineer says nothing on his end, not the ASA or switch.
      I turned off the main FW on the server, but the advanced, I noticed had Internal and Public. Those are on still. I turned them both to Allow all and still nothing.
      I know this is a port being blocked somewhere, and cannot find it.

      The physical network is clean. ASA5505 to 2960. All devices on same subnet and gateway. I'll ask the net eng again to verify. I'm not worried about the external access though they want it. The internal is the problem.

      Only errors are when accessing RDP and the standard "the computer cannot be contacted, may be off, or not set up....".



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        Re: SBS2008 Unable to RDP Period!

        on the server, can you telnet to itself on port 3389?

        also - you mention your desktop computers are "workgroup" computers
        maybe they have firewall policies preventing outbound rdp
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          Re: SBS2008 Unable to RDP Period!

          I did test that and don't remember the response. Will test in the a.m. and see. I thought it did work okay.

          NOPE. Does not work on the server. I have turned the entire FW off on this server, both the Private and Public and overall. ???
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            Re: SBS2008 Unable to RDP Period!

            I have decided to remove the TS role entirely, reset this up and see what happens. Something is hosed up here, I believe. Also going to make sure all current patches for SBS2008 are on the server as well. I think there is an SBS 2008 service patch 2.


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              Re: SBS2008 Unable to RDP Period!

              One usually uses Remote Web Workplace/Remote Web Access to remote access SBS2008 and workstations - not TS.
              Are you using the wizards? (UTFW) or approaching this like a normal server? TS/RDS should NOT operational here in the normal sense.

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                Re: SBS2008 Unable to RDP Period!

                I had set it up and it worked between machines but not to the server. This is now closed as I cannot give the company enough time to help support and they are finding a small IT company to assist. Thanks.