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Windows update not downloading any updates

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  • Windows update not downloading any updates

    Hello everyone!

    I have a very annoying problem on my SBS2008 ST box. After canceling the Windows Server 2008 SP2 installation last summer half way trough I have had serious problems with installing updates. I finally got SP2 installed after downloading it separately. The installation took about 48 hours!

    There's something wrong with the box as it is really slow but I have tried to keep my spirits up thinking maybe it will start behaving after I get all updates installed. I've been at it for months now it seems and still I can't figure it out.

    Description of the problem:
    I know there's loads of update missing but Windows Update says all updates are installed. Last weekend I did show one time that there were 51 updates available. I tried to install them but they just would not download and the update failed. After that Windows Update has happily shown me the green flag that all updates are installed.
    I installed the System Update Readiness Tool yesterday but haven't really gotten anything useful out of it. (This time the install only took a few hours).
    Running the SBS2008 Best Practices Analyzer tells me that Security Rollup 4 is missing and that the Update Services are not at default settings.

    Server hardware:
    The server is a Dell PE T610, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5520 @ 2.27GHz, 12GB RAM, RAID-6 on PERC i6.

    Small office with 20-25 users, 2000 e-mail going in and out per day. The server is working as Fileserver, DNS, Exchange 2007 and print server. Kaspersky AV 6 is installed.

    Thatís all the info I can think of right now. I have tried to search everywhere for an answer but still no luck. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Windows update not downloading any updates

    Ok, so after posting I started working on this issue again. I don't really know WSUS but the Best Practices Analyzer "Update Services are not at default settings" led me to it.

    I have read that you should really try to administer your SBS2008 server from the Windows SBS Console (which I haven't really done until recently). WSUS reports there over 60 updates needed. I guess I will have to aprove them individually for the installation to take place. However, "Updates" in Windows SBS Console only about 20 updates are shown and that includes updates for client computers.

    Now my question is, should I install only the updates that are shown in Windows SBS Console or should I install all updates shown in WSUS?


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      Re: Windows update not downloading any updates

      IMHO go with WSUS
      Extra updates are unlikely to cause problems, but missing ones are!

      Since it is a relatively small number, check there are no warnings about SBS for any of them -- clients will not be a problem
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        Re: Windows update not downloading any updates

        Cool, thanks for the input. I got one update visible again in Windows Update. No luck getting it installed yet but it's something. Guess it's time to learn to use WSUS.


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          Re: Windows update not downloading any updates

          This issue seems to be resolved now. I got most updates installed.

          The main issue seems to have been that the "Update Service" wasn't running because it doesn't start automatically after a reboot. Still have to figure out why that is but now I know about it and I can go in and start it manually after each reboot.


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            Re: Windows update not downloading any updates

            just go in to the services console and set the service to "automatic" start.
            if it's already set to that - set it to restart on failure ....
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              Re: Windows update not downloading any updates

              And for gawd's sake, UTFW!!
              Don't try to manage WSUS alone, there is an item called Update Services in the Console. Use it there - there is nothing to learn!!

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