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  • gpo hierarchy


    those any one know if gpo works beside of hierarchy structure?

    what i know is that you put the gpo on the ou you want to apply it to.

    but when i look on the sbs 2008, that have it preconfigure gpo.

    some of them placed on the root of the domain

    but still apply only to specific portion

    like :

    update services client computer policy
    update services server computer policy

    what beside fierarchy is working here?


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    Re: gpo hierarchy

    I'm not looking at an SBS2008 server right now, but I would suspect GPO filtering is in play.


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      Re: gpo hierarchy

      Filtering is definitely one possibility. Also check if a GPO is "Enforced" (setting override contradicting setting in later GPOs) or if a OU has ďBlock Inheritance" enabled. By using Group Policy Modeling you can find out from which GPOs settings are inherited.


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        Re: gpo hierarchy

        hi again

        as u mentioned GPO filtering is in play indeed
        but how can the system find out what computers should be placed
        in the filter list.

        i ask this beacuse i have some clients who wont place in the filter list
        and as i see its automated on the sbs

        so as i can tell
        best way would be ou hierarcy or using group

        those any body change sbs preconfigured gpo?



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          Re: gpo hierarchy

          so as i said' some computers where missing from the filter list
          so i needed to add them manually.

          this seems not as a right method, but for the time being

          what can cause this?
          those computer added to sbs through http://connect


          i tried link the sbs prevconfigured gpo to an ou where my
          client computers are layed, but this didnt work

          i thought it will be better to work without those preconfigured gpo
          but its a "risky" stuff, since sbs is a not understandable product
          did any body tried this?

          see wsus on sbs - u have to check all windows product
          other wise wsus faile. - strang it is!



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            Re: gpo hierarchy

            I wouldn't mess with the default SBS GPO's if I were you. You can always create a sub_OU, plce computers in it and make a copy of the original with modified parameters for your sub_OU.

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