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  • SBS 2008 Backup

    Hi guys,

    My company uses 3rd party softwares to do backup but I'd like to know more about the SBS backups. I'm a little confused on what the SBS backup allows you to do and not do.

    Let's say I choose to backup C Drive and D Drive which are both internal hdds. I then add 3 different external hdds as destinations. The schedule I choose is to backup everyday at 9PM.

    If all 3 drives are plugged in at the time, which drive does it backup to?

    By adding multiple backup destinations, any of these drives will work at 9pm and specific drives do not need to be configured for specific days. Correct?

    Am I able to have a 'main' external hdd that is plugged in all the time and is backed up to everyday and then 2 other drives rotate between days?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Re: SBS 2008 Backup

    You cannot have all three plugged in at the same time and have the same scheduled task backup to them. They will get individual ID's and backup will only use one of them. OTOH, it is good to have 3 disks - use one a week. Disk one is plugged in and in use for backup; disk two is the previous weeks backup on the shelf in case you need to pull any info back down; disk 3 is from two weeks ago and is off-site. Rotate weekly (or daily, if you prefer daily disks).

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