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  • Exchange 2003 to SBS 2003

    I am migrating a customer from Exchange2003 (running on Server2003) to SBS2003. This is for a small business with less than 25 users. They want the bells and whistles available natively in SBS2003. They also want a new server as part of the changeover.

    The original server was named using the approach of "" and is the only mail server (and the domain controller). There are several departmental servers where data is kept.

    I have installed SBS2003 on a new server and used the approach of mail.domain.local and am ready to go to the client's office and do the dirty work of getting everything moved over.

    Question #1: What is the fastest/best way to get the exchange store info from old server to new server.

    Question #2: Is there a good way to join the workstations (2K & XP) to the new domain and retain all of the settings, etc. in their current profile.

    Question #3: If anyone has done a migration like this, I am open to any hints/suggestions you have to make it as painless as possible for the client.

    Thanks in advance for your help and/or sage advice!

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    Re: Exchange 2003 to SBS 2003

    At the risk of being flamed by others, I am going to suggest a modified Swing Migration, found at
    You have an Existing DC. If you want to preserve your current AD, you are going to have to start to install your SBS into the current domain and do a DC promo. Then since SBS, being very selfish, demands to be head of the forest, you are going to have to transfer the FSMO roles and make it a GC. (Google if you are not familiar with any of these terms).
    The other item to consider is if you want to have your SBS server, the same name as your current server so that \\<server>\<share> does not have to be remapped on all the desktops and printers don't need to be reinstalled etc.
    The Swing Kit costs from $125 (and, NO, I don't get any commision from it) but it is a small price representing about 1-2 hours of professional time.

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