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Strange partition in SBS install (Was: Normal Disk Arrangement?)

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  • Strange partition in SBS install (Was: Normal Disk Arrangement?)

    I have just installed Win SBS 2008. This is my first Server installation (done billions of PCs).

    It ended up like this:
    (C NTFS - Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition
    OS (D FAT32 - System, Active, Primary Partition
    (E RAW - Primary Partition

    When I was installing, it mentioned the 2Gb "OS" partition but I thought it would just be a temp thing until Windows got installed and sorted it out.
    I ignored it and created my 100Gb C: and was going to format the remaining partition later.
    Now that Windows is in, I'd like to delete the partition for D: and merge the space with the current E: but the BOOTSECT.BAK file is there.

    Can I just copy it somewhere, merge D: and E:, format the resulting space as NTFS, assign it D:, and copy the BOOTSECT.BAK file back?
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    Re: Normal Disk Arrangement?

    Is it a Dell server by any chance?
    If so, D: may be their recovery tools
    Also (apart from the FAT32) this suggests BitLocker at work -- IIRC that creates a smallish partition -- were you asked about that during the install?

    What do you see in the D partition?

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      Re: Strange partition in SBS install (Was: Normal Disk Arrangement?)

      it is reasonably safe to delete bootsect.bak

      To be sure though, I'd take a ghost image of the partition first, so you can restore it if ncessary..
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        Re: Strange partition in SBS install (Was: Normal Disk Arrangement?)

        Thanks for the replies.
        It is a Dell server but I was the one who set it up, so there are no Dell utilities/applications/resources wasters installed at the moment.
        I checked out BitLocker on wikipedia and I does sound like it could be the cause but it mentions 2 x NTFS drives so I don't think it is, in this case.

        In order for BitLocker to operate, the hard disk requires at least two NTFS-formatted volumes: one for the operating system (usually C: ) and another with a minimum size of 100MB from which the operating system boots.
        I enabled View System Files and that drive is completely empty except for that bootsect file.
        The only time that drive was mentioned was at the point where you select which drive to install to, partition, and format. It was already there before I had done any partitioning or formatting so I thought it was like the 8mb partition you see in other OS installs.

        I had a shot at moving the bootsect file but I can't delete the partition because it's Active. Found this thread which is helpful:
        But in the end felt I would just move on.
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