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Invalid header fields - POP3 Connector

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  • Invalid header fields - POP3 Connector

    Hey guys,

    There seems to be mail stuck somewhere but Im not too sure where it is. Within the server log theres an error:
    One or more (2) e-mail messages in the POP3 mailbox account 'company-info' on the POP3 server '' have invalid header fields.

    After looking into this error it states to connect to your pop3 server and delete them. I have logged onto our server and there is nothing stuck there to be deleted. Any help/info is appreciated - thanks!

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    Re: Invalid header fields - POP3 Connector

    You need to connect manually to your POP3 server and delete them there - then try to get to connecting by SMTP ASAP!
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      Re: Invalid header fields - POP3 Connector

      huh?! Sorry that doesnt make sense....

      I have connected to our pop server and there is no mail waiting to be delivered - unless I am missing something?