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RDP Sessions Reporting?

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  • RDP Sessions Reporting?

    Hi All,

    I am tasked with an unusual request from a client.

    Currently their users are allowed to access their office computers from home etc.

    My client wants to setup a reporting system which would log/record/report the activity of the users who are logging in remotely.

    The information required is:

    Who is accessing
    Their time/duration
    What applications do they access while they are connected etc

    I am totally lost and dont know how to achieve this

    Does anyone has any ideas?


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    Re: RDP Sessions Reporting?

    You could theoretically comb the security log and see anyone who successfully logs on with an External IP. You could also probably log the connections on the firewall you use, as you know which ports thet are using, presumably. As to which applications? Hmmm......!

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      Re: RDP Sessions Reporting?

      hmm seems like a pain in the neck. Do you know about any good third party softwares that can do the job?