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Logon scripts - cant find them.

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  • Logon scripts - cant find them.

    Hi Guys,

    Ive not had a great deal of experience with SBS butam more familiar with standard server os's. Ive inherited an sbs 2008 server and am trying to find where the scripts are to map drives. I created a test user assigned him to the "standard users" group but when I log on it doesnt map any drives.

    Any help is appreciated - thanks

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    Re: Logon scripts - cant find them.

    Login Scripts are where they are on a standard Server OS (\NETLOGON) but you cannot easily map network drives from login scripts for Vista/7 because of the security context.
    So either the workstations are mapping privately and asking for "Reconnect at Logon" or what you are seeing is in fact Folder Redirection handled by GPO's.

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      Re: Logon scripts - cant find them.

      Great thanks! I have found the assigned policies which tell the users in the relevant group to map drives.

      Tell me, on SBS do you have to do "everything" using the console? The reason I ask is I wanted to test an account but wanted to avoid the console if possible?



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        Re: Logon scripts - cant find them.

        yes, with SBS you shuld try to use the cosnoles and wizards as much as possible - you risk breaking things if you try and do it the normal way.
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          Re: Logon scripts - cant find them.

          Ok great.. So Ive created a test bed and diabled inheritance just so I know what that nothing is creating a sprt of false positive.

          On the account I havent set redirect folders within the console. But I have applied a policy to the test OU and created a folder redirection under user configuration - windows settings - folder redirection.

          What I am trying to achieve is to have 1 folder which contains "my documents" and also the users profile in a seperate folder - is this possible?