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SBS 2011 How to configure VPN users access rights to shared folders

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  • SBS 2011 How to configure VPN users access rights to shared folders

    Oh for the love of Pete, I hope someone can help me. I'm at the stage of starting to bang my head on wall to see if it will help. Have a SBS 2011 and I changed permissions on a test folder on the main network share everyone uses. It works fine locally. Users that are supposed to have access have it and users that aren't supposed to have access don't. But if users remote in via VPN that are supposed to have access, they are denied access to test folder. The only permission difference between test folder and other folders is that the Computer\Users group has been removed. I made another group called Management and placed the users that I wanted to have access to the test folder in there and assigned Management group to the test folder. Like I said it works fine locally in office, but anyone that tries to use VPN, they are denied access to test folder. It's my understanding that you have to setup a network policy under the network policy server, but I'm a little lost on what I should do. Any help would keep me from making dents in wall with my head lol.

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    So basically it seems that for VPN users, any folder that doesn't have Computer\Users group assigned to it, will be denied access. Even though another group was added with correct permissions.


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      I figured it out. While using my laptop at home to test these permissions on the remote share I finally realized it was using a couple of cached credentials. Control Panel, User, Manage Credentials. Deleted couple it was using for remote server with a normal user account. Logged in with the user account that was supposed to have access and viola, it worked! I knew it had to be something simple.