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  • ISA Server configuration

    Hi ,

    We are using a SBS 2000 , Now our hdd was got crashed and we have reinstalled complete OS. Now in our ISA Server I have configured all out going request option as " Use the same listner configuation for all internal IP Addresses. " TCP Port 8080 . Now While trying to connect from Client System i am getting error : error 403 : forbidden The isa server denies the Unified Resource Locator 12202 "

    In Clinet Configuration option i have not selected the option " Configure web browser while during firewall client Setup " . I want to configure my client system to be allow use internet using a firewall client only , not using a web proxy .

    As i am using a web proxy in Internet Explorer - Connection - Lan Settings - Proxy IP and port. my exchange messeger will not work.

    Please help me to configure the ISA Server so that my clients will be able to browse the internet using a firewall client only without proxy configuration in their browser respectively.

    Please help...


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    Re: ISA Server configuration

    I know it not my business, but you really can't expect us to remember how a system over 10 years old works. You could dig around in the archives of the SBS newsgroups(s). You could also do what we alsways do in SBS - UTFW. There is an Internet Connection Wizard in SBS 2000 which, if you set it up using the integrated setup, just configures ISA for you. You may have to make an exception for messenger as SBS 2000 had some integration of messenger services in it that meant that later versions didn't play nicely.
    From a business persective, you are using a system that is no longer supported.
    From a security perspective, you are using a system that was designed before the Internet became SUCH a wild and evil place! If you value the security of the company data, then that comes back to the business perspective.....

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