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Migrating from 2K3 dc to SBS

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  • Migrating from 2K3 dc to SBS

    Hi everyone

    Please can someone advise , I see lots of info on going from a SBS to a 2K3 server.. My question is we want to go from our windows server 2003 dc to a SBS ..

    Can anyone direct me to some information re this..

    Can we join the SBS to the win 2K3 server as an additional dc , replicate everything and then seize the fsmo's from the 2k3 .

    We want to demote the 2K3 server after to become a file server

    any help please ??


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    Re: Migrating from 2K3 dc to SBS

    You should do a migration. I just did the exact thing, migrating from W2K3 to SBS 2008. I would recommend that you look into using one of these: