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SBS2003 - W2k8 standard R2 mess

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  • SBS2003 - W2k8 standard R2 mess


    I am new here. New and desperate.
    Here's my situation: I had a DC with DNS running on SBS2003(old machine). I tried to replace it with a new machine, running w2k8 std. On the new machine I installed W2K8 Std. R2, joined it to the domain and made it primary DC(FSMO roles transfered and all that). It is also DNS srv. So now the config is W2k8 primary dc and w2k3 sbs sec. dc.
    Now I have a lot of situations:
    1)AD DS BPA on w2k8 reports a lot of noncompliants(26) for the AD role. I will try to sum it up: DNS problems, cannot determine the forest name, wrong config data on the domain name. I tried to troubleshoot all these and got nowhere after 2 weeks and hundreds of posts read.
    2)When w2k3 sbs is off W2k8 will not authenticate any user. Nor will it open "Sites and services", or "Users and computers". It says "the domain either does not exist or could not be contacted".
    3)When w2k3 is up users can authenticate and "Sites and services" and "users and computers" will open on the old machine and on the new one.
    4)w2k3 sbs shuts down unexpectedly but periodically. It will not stay up for more than 3 hours. It is not a hardware problem, as the shutdown is clean.
    5)I just found out (http: slash slash tay+as+DC+sam#20bca6fdb04f3dab) that w2k3 sbs must hold the fsmo in the domain and be the primary dc, otherwise it will shut down(which it does).

    I have to say that this is a domain of 40 workstations, all of which must function around the clock and access shares on each other and the file server(also in the domain). The target is 1)get things working so that users can access shares around the clock 2)replace the old machine with w2k3 sbs with the new one with w2k8 std. If the first goal is achieved there is no urge to reach the second. But the first one is urgent.

    Does anyone have any ideas about what should be done? What are the steps to follow? I am totally out of solutions, so any help would really be appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    Re: SBS2003 - W2k8 standard R2 mess

    Right, none of what you did is supported in an SBS domain. You can have additional domain controllers, but the SBS server must hold all of the FSMO roles. My suggestion to you would be to:

    1. Transfer the FSMO roles back to the SBS server.

    2. Demote the W2K8 server.

    3. Migrate the domain\server from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008.


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      Re: SBS2003 - W2k8 standard R2 mess

      Thanks a lot, joeqwerty!
      I transferred the FSMO roles back to the w2k3 SBS and now it's all fine. Users can authenticate and the w2k3 sbs machine does not shutdown anymore.
      Again, thanks a lot!


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        Re: SBS2003 - W2k8 standard R2 mess

        Glad to help...