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  • Account migration

    SBS2000 SP4/SQL/ISA/Exchange

    i have to switch two workplaces and migrate one existing account to another computer without reinstalling Windows, 'cause there's a problem with a couple of programs and their licenses. Can i migrate one client account (first) on top of another (second), so that the first account with all the settings (Exchange and so on) migrates too? I don't need the second account anymore. By the way, when deleting an account will the shared folders (example Company shared/Users/account foder) be deleted too? Cause there's some valuable info.

    I'm a newbie admin, so sorry for stupid questions - I'm still learning

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    Re: Account migration

    Firstly - dont delete any accounts anywhere until you've finished. I think your question is this ..
    I have PC A which has essential software locked and licenced and I hav user B who is a happy user, but he's on PC B but he really needs to be on PC A.
    Don't delete users a t server ...
    Try this ..
    On PC A log in as the user, use file and settings transfer wizard and copy all his stuff in to a file on the server.
    Then on PC B log in as that user again, and use the wizard to bring that file back.
    I hope thats okay, but I'm not sure if I've fully grasped your question..


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      Re: Account migration

      Win2000 doesn't have "file and settings transfer wizard" (as far as i remmember) BUT I found an add-on called USMT (User state migration tool) at Microsoft, the only problem is it doesn't have a user interface, so it's controlled from cmd.exe, and that's not a very good thing, 'cause i get mixed up all the time using the command line..... But it's a good tool. I haven't done the migration yet, so it's a bit too early to say smth 'bout it.

      If anyone has any bright thoughts how can i migrate that account WITHOUT using USMT, PLEASE POST!!!

      Thank you.