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Network Cable upluged

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  • Network Cable upluged

    Windows 2011 SBS fresh install
    Lenovo Server with 2 Intel network card

    Was working fine for a month and then quit working. network cable is plugged in and lights are up but windows still show there is not cable plugged in. no communication between the server and the router.

    What I try

    try to plug the network cable to the other network card - did not work
    replace the network cable
    changing the speed and duplex
    disable 1 network card
    try a different router and switches
    turn off all power management

    going to do a driver update today - will update the results

    Any idea

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    Driver update might help.

    You can also try uninstalling the NIC from Device Manager and then scan for hardware changes. If that doesn't work then you probably have a bad NIC. If it's under warranty Lenovo should replace it. Otherwise just get another NIC installed in the server and disable the onboard NICs.

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      Can you ping the card?
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