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SBS2003 and 2nd Exchange server

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  • SBS2003 and 2nd Exchange server


    I have a customer who originaly had a site with an SBS2003 SP1 server. Now they expanded with a 2nd site, and they need services there also. We decided to go with a 2nd exchange, so we dont have to use the VPN for outgoing emails, we can go directly out on the internet, also it would mean independence in case of failure on the main site (not to mention the possible isolation of the new site in case of dowsizing)

    I have installed win2003std sp1 on the new server, created a new site, subnets, and joined the server as a DC for the new site.

    After this I installed exchange 2003 on the new server. If i start the System Manager on the new server, i can see both servers in the administration group. However, if i start System Manager on the SBS box, i can only see the original SBS exchange in the admin group. Why?

    Further, i tried moving a test mailbox from the SBS to the new server, and it worked. However when i tried contacting the mailbox from an outlook client, it could not connect the server. If i remember correctly, a redirection should have happened during the mailbox move. What could be the problem?
    Also, after this, i tried to move back the above mentioned test mailbox, and received the following error message:

    <progress code="0" milliseconds="10422">Opening destination mailbox.</progress>
    - <summary isWarning="false" errorCode="0xc1050000">
    The information store could not be opened. The MAPI provider failed. MAPI 1.0 ID no: 8004011d-0289-00000000
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    Re: SBS2003 and 2nd Exchange server

    Solved the problem.

    Note to self: dont be lazzy and run the dcdiag before installing exchange...

    Turned out there were some replication problems between the sites. After fixing those, every problem went away.


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      Re: SBS2003 and 2nd Exchange server

      How many users is this for? I would have said that you don't need a second Exchange server in the second site and you could use Outlook Anywhere (aka RPC over HTTPS) instead of a VPN.
      Too late perhaps...

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