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Testing a new SBS2008 server

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  • Testing a new SBS2008 server

    Hi All

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I will be setting up a new SBS 2008 Server for my company. I will be testing this before going live. Is it possible to do the testing using my current SBS 2003 network. I need to keep the 2003 network running for now until I've finished testing.

    I've looked around and some say to create a VLAN for the SBS2008 testing. would this be correct?

    If so is there any help available in setting this up?

    Thanks all

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    Re: Testing a new SBS2008 server

    well, what does your testing involve ?
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      Re: Testing a new SBS2008 server

      well this is going to be a brand new network, so will be new DC, active directory users/groups, new exchange server setup, everything really.

      Whatever is set on the current 2003 running our business network now, will be setup on the the new SBS 2008. But I dont want to migrate, this needs to be fresh. The main reason for this VLAN is because of the DHCP conflicts on both 2003 and the new 2008.


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        Re: Testing a new SBS2008 server

        You could try creating the server and a workstation on a virtual machine. Correct use of networking on the VMs would ensure that the production network would not be affected.
        Why do you need to start afresh? You don't say and in my experience it ALWAYS involves more work.

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