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Redirected Folder Permissions, can't delete.

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  • Redirected Folder Permissions, can't delete.

    I am using redirected folders for all my end users. I have one user that can save/open/edit files in his documents folder but he can't delete anything. I have checked the security on the folders and he has full control. Is there a program that will audit the permissions in the documents folder and all sub folders or can someone tell me how to give him full control and cascade it all the way down through the sub folders?

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    Re: Redirected Folder Permissions, can't delete.

    OMG, Need to buy a new mouse that does not have a thumb back button. To sum up my last 2 page post....

    Check the Shre premissions as well as the NTFS permissions.
    I have linked to a few sites that will give you what the premissions should be.
    If none of this works, it might b easier to recreate the user and copy files and folders across to the new user.
    Check the permissions on the parent folder. I can not find a ref for this, but Its something that you should try. <--- Basic info. <--- Enhanced secruity.

    Other then that, not typing everything out again. Sry :P

    Good to be back....


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      Re: Redirected Folder Permissions, can't delete.

      Ok thanks, I will give it a shot


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        Re: Redirected Folder Permissions, can't delete.

        oops, I left this thread out there. I removed the user and computer from the domain. I renamed his redirected profile on the server and took ownership. I then added the user and computer and then copied all his files from the renamed profile to his new one. This fixed the issue. Some how I messed up the permissions and couldn't figure out what I did. Thanks for your help. This issue is closed. I'm new here and not sure how to give you points.


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          Re: Redirected Folder Permissions, can't delete.

          The YinYang symbol at the top right of his post between the post number and the yellow report post button.

          If you still can't find it.

          THIS link will give him rep for that post.
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