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Event 1864 NTDS Replication on Server 2003

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  • Event 1864 NTDS Replication on Server 2003


    i have a problem replicating AD on Server 2003. I have 3 DCs, all in one Subnet. I get Event ID 1864 on all 3 DCs all 24 hours. Runnuing “repadmin /showvector /latency <partition-dn>" is showing the following table:

    Default-First-Site\DC-02 (retired) @ USN 12376767 @ Time
    Default-First-Site\DC-03 (retired) @ USN 55841408 @ Time
    Default-First-Site\DC-02 @ USN 12537847 @ Time
    Default-First-Site\DC-03 @ USN 63951025 @ Time
    Default-First-Site\DC-01 @ USN 32027667 @ Time

    Running “repadmin /showrepl” tells me, that replication on all servers was successful.

    What happened in the past, I did a fatal mistake :-/ . I used P2V tool to convert DC-02 and DC-03 into a virtual environment. The time results in the table above on the two DCs retired, fit to the date, I converted the machines.

    I wonder, DC-02 and DC-03 are shown as retired, and further down in the table not.

    I do not get Event ID 2095, as described in this article:
    So, I am not sure, that I ran into a USN-Rollback, at this point.

    Any help would be appreciated, to get rid of Event ID 1864.

    Thanks, grobi

    Sorry, I posted this topic into the wrong place. Maybe an Admin can put it into the right place. Thanks
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