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WMIPrvSE.exe Memory Usage/leak?

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  • WMIPrvSE.exe Memory Usage/leak?

    I know this is a pretty commen files, and there are a million hot fixes, patchs and work arounds for the memory leak inside sbs2008, but does anyone know of one that actuly works?

    We have a number of HP servers (HP uses the WMI layer alot) that lock up due to the WMI eating all the Ram and crashing.
    We have deployed a number of hot fixes, the lastest being designed for this exact problem (KB958124), and has reduced the amount the memory leaks, but it still eats about 30MB a day (better then the 150MB a day it used to take), and by the end of a week the server will hang (When you attempt to Log onto the server, it will sit at applying computer settings, if you press right Shift 7 times, you will get a pop up for sticky keys(to show the server has not completly crashed) but the server will never be able to process some requests).

    We have also tried:
    Removing HP montioring software to reduce WMI load.
    Set task to restart WMI services every 6 hours, This stopped the hangs, but had a host of other problems.
    Removing AV, Changing AV and changed all permissions i could in AV.
    I have tried a number of Hotfixes regarding the WMI in SBS2008. I do not currently have access to the list, or the order that I installed them.
    A few other Random things (changing Keyboard and Mice, Firmware, Drivers, Bios, changing External USB hard drive.. ect ect).

    If anyone has any idea, please let me know, as I would like to get this server able to stay online for longer then 7 days, but its just not happening.

    Thanks in advance,

    Good to be back....

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    Re: WMIPrvSE.exe Memory Usage/leak?

    what other software do you have installed ?

    It could also be the SBS2008 monitoring (I know 2003 has it, does 2008 also ?)
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      Re: WMIPrvSE.exe Memory Usage/leak?

      Software changes from site to site, and I do not believe we have any single piece of software (other then all the MS app installed with SBS 200 on all of the servers.

      We have disabled the monitoring, both the windows and the HP, before, as we thought the same thing. Sadly no luck.

      Also, as far as I am aware, this is not a problem just on our servers, but a very commom problem on HP servers that seems to have 100 answers. I was hoping that someone actuly which one of the 100 actuly worked.

      I am going to see if I can increase the logging and see if that shows anything, failing that we will just have to keep restarting the server twice a week .

      Good to be back....