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Replication in SBS2003

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  • Replication in SBS2003


    I've added a DC in an existing SBS 2003 domain.

    Site A use SBS2003 (dc1)
    Site B use Standard 2003 (dc2)
    site a and site b connection VPN router - router (via linux openvpn).

    The dc2 was built in the same LAN as dc1 so replication all when well. When I shipped dc2 to site B, and changed all the ip configuration, and dssite to reflect the ip subnets changes, the replication stops working. I got the error 1311 KCC errors. however ping between 2 dcs are ok. I can mapped drive \\dc1\someshare while on dc2, and vice versa, but when I try to open the share, no joy with a timeout. Run dcdiag /e from dc1, it can't see dc2 and vice versa. Run from dc2: portqry -n dc1 -p UDP -o 389, it can't connect to it. However if I run from dc1: portqry -n dc2 -p UDP -o 389, it returns with all the information and UDP 389 is listening.

    This one really got me. Anyone with ideas on this?
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    Re: Replication in SBS2003

    I found out what the problem is. It is the tun MTU that needs to be set in the Openvpn. Anyone with this similar setup, make sure tun MTU is set to 1500. I'm very happy now that the replication is working.


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      Re: Replication in SBS2003

      Well done on solving your problem. It is quite satisfying isn't it.
      Thanks also for sharing the solution. It is appreciated.
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