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PPTP (RRAS) not working

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  • PPTP (RRAS) not working

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been at this problem since 10:15 this morning and its driving me insane...

    The PPTP server on a clients SBS2003 will not work no matter what I try! I have recreated the RRAS server using Custom> VPN but in there when I go to IP Routing>General the Internal interface shows as IP Address 'Not Available' and Administrative Status 'Unknown' The DHCP relay doesn not seem to be working either as it says Relay Mode 'Unknown' in RRAS

    When I do IPCONFIG /All in the command prompt there is no PPP RAS Interface listsed which I assume is because the Internal interface is down.

    Can anyone think how I can get this to work? I have tried just about everything and have spent a whole day scouring google for help only to find dead ends.

    If I was using Standard server I'd remove the RRAS role and put it back on again but being SBS there's no easy way to do this, has anyone managed using the command prompt?

    All help greatly appreciated, at my wits end here!

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    Re: PPTP (RRAS) not working

    I've now tried the rarepair.exe utility but still no joy

    I've got our resident genius here having a look this evening. If he has any joy I'll post up with the details but if anyone has any thoughts please let me know!!!


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      Re: PPTP (RRAS) not working

      If you go into the ports tab in RRAS what do you see? If there are no PPTP ports then there's a good chance something else has taken port 1723. There is an ISA patch that causes this issue IIRC, dunno if you are running SBS premium or not. If there are no PPTP ports go into the registry and add 1723 to the reserved ports list and reboot and that should fix it.
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        Re: PPTP (RRAS) not working

        I would Re-run the CEICW then the VPN Wizard. Check the logs for errors.

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