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Exchange IP Restriction?

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  • Exchange IP Restriction?

    We are running SBS2003 and using Exchange for mail for the existing subnet (192.168.x.x) which works fine.

    We have another part of the business running off a seperate network (10.0.x.x.) and the two networks are joined through a Gnatbox firewall (using NAT and allowing all protocols through).

    We now want to allow users on the 10.x network to use Exchange with Outlook, but this won't work. They can access okay via OWM but not with the Outlook client. I assume this is some kind of IP filter in Exchange? Can anybody help?



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    Re: Exchange IP Restriction?

    > using NAT and allowing all protocols through

    I'd suspect the NAT here. The native outlook protocol (MAPI) requires all kinds of complicated protocols that will fail on a NAT. It explains why OWA would work, because that is simple HTTP(S) which all NAT routers support.

    Or are we talking about a VPN here? That should work, provided no ports are blocked (135!).


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      Re: Exchange IP Restriction?

      If you are allowing all protocols through then why are you using a firewall ?

      Why not just use a router, which will

      a) be quicker, and improve latency.
      b) Resolve this issue (due to explanation by wkasdo).

      * Shamelessly mentioning "Don't forget to add reputation!"


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        Re: Exchange IP Restriction?

        The firewall is the internet gateway ... with the two networks plugged into it. I didn't do this, it was done by those responsible for putting in the firewall to manage bandwidth useage. I agree it seems a silly way of joining the networks though!

        What you say makes sense - I will get a router installed and take it from there.

        Thanks for the feedback.