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Email Delivery Failures

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  • Email Delivery Failures

    Im roughly new to exchange but i do know the fundamentals of it. I am running an Exchange Server 2003 on a SBS 2003. Now lately we have been using an outside email source and we've been getting email fine. But, once i started to implement or email server we havent gotten anything.

    I have set up our email server as a primery server in which email will go to, and our outside email provider as our backup. Now all the users are set up correctly but when connecting users cannot send nor receive, any email. THe server downlods the mail but does not distibute it. When trying to send email with the exchange account I keep getting these errors

    There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient's email server. Please contact your system administrator.
    < #5.5.0 smtp;550 Relaying not allowed>

    I really need to get this done whoever can help please i will greatly appreciate it

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    Re: Email Delivery Failures

    Question title updated to be more descriptive. Question moved to the SBS 2003 topic area.

    As this is SBS 2003, did you configure it with the wizards? If not then you should have done. SBS 2003 is designed to configured with the wizards exclusively. Attempting to configure the server outside of the wizards will cause problems.

    It also sounds like you are using the POP3 connector - again this is configured with the wizards.

    The error you have posted is not an Exchange error. If you have configured the server to send via your ISPs SMTP server then you may well have to authenticate when sending email through their server. Again the wizards will guide you to do this.

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      Re: Email Delivery Failures

      Sembee is right that initially, at least, you need to UTFW. However, since those wizrds were written the spam factor has increased hundreds-fold and the need to authenticate outward on SMTP was not included. Therefore listen to my friend, Kevin Weilbacher who tells you how to do it at

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        Re: Email Delivery Failures

        OK thank you very much... i no its been a lil over due but thankyou