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How does faxing work with SBS 2003?

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  • How does faxing work with SBS 2003?

    Hello All,

    Sorry for the rather dumb question, but i cant see any clear explanations.

    Currently we have Internet > Router > Switch > Server (SBS 2003 R2) / Clients (XP Pro SP3)

    We have a separate phone line that just has a Fax machine and PDQ terminal sat on it. We also have signed up to a fax-to-email service, so all our incoming emails are routed to an email account. The fax phone line now seems redundant to me and i want to get SBS to handle the faxes. I know i need to get some fax modem connected to the server.

    My question is, do i need a separate phone line to send the faxes out? Or can it all go down the single internet line?

    Sorry for the rather confusing question!


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    Re: How does faxing work with SBS 2003?

    All you would be doing is putting a modem into your SBS and sending faxes from that -- you will still need an analogue "POTS" phone line
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      Re: How does faxing work with SBS 2003?

      Kinda what i thought.

      Is there anyway to have SBS sending and receiving faxes on a phone line, with a telephone on the line as well?


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        Re: How does faxing work with SBS 2003?

        Do you mean being able to send a fax and make a phone call at the same time or have a fax on the same phone line as a telephone? If it is the latter then yes but you need a Fax Switch so it can differentiate between a fax and a voice call.

        One thing to consider if you use a Fax/modem on and SBS bos is to use an External Modem. If you use an Internal Modem and it hangs/locks up then you have to reboot the SBS box to reset the modem. Not really convenient. An External Modem can be power cycled without having to reboot the Server.
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          Re: How does faxing work with SBS 2003?

          Also make sure any modem you buy (and as Biggles77 said PLEASE make it an external one) is on the SBS approved Fax/Modem list - others work but usually miss up to 20% of incoming faxes.
          If you do a lot of faxing (ie more than about 10 a day) consider getting a separate fax server with a proper board like Brooktrout or similar.

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