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Recovery plan for my new SBS2008, please advice

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  • Recovery plan for my new SBS2008, please advice

    Hello and thanks for reading.

    In our office we have some 30 computers and we decided to buy a new server to centralize and control everything a little bit. We decided to buy a server (HP Proliant DL160 G5) and install Windows SBS2008.

    I've just finished the installation (in LAB environment, as I need to test it), and I'm a bit worried about everything... I believe I need a disaster recovery plan. We want to use Exchange server and the Sharepoint software.

    Can I use a cheaper computer, install everything on it, and use it in case of some server hardware failure?.

    My first concern is the email. The DL160 don't have redundant power supplies or hot swap hard disks. I installed 4 disks in 2 RAID1s, one for the system and the other for the data.

    I was planning to backup in two external USB drives and keep swapping them every week or so.

    We could have some downtime in case of a disaster, but I should be able to fix the problem in one day or so.

    What would you experts recommend?.

    Thanks !

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    Re: Recovery plan for my new SBS2008, please advice

    I suggest you start with , por favor!

    Steven Teiger [SBS-MVP(2003-2009)]
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      Re: Recovery plan for my new SBS2008, please advice

      Thanks Teiger,

      I've been reading several blogs and forums. Experts says that the DL160 G5 is a too cheap server to use it with SBS2008 and Exchange 2007 because it doesn't have a good RAID controller, no hot swap disks and no redundant power. I can't buy a new server and I needed some advice.

      I'll use two external USB disks and swap the for backup the data.

      Some people recommended Macrium and ShadowProtect to backup the system, and restore it in case of a problem.

      Buying spare disks and power supply should be enough?



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        Re: Recovery plan for my new SBS2008, please advice


        If you have built your server in a test environment (but not yet deployed it), why not spend a little time experimenting with the built-in sbs backup and restore wizard? Try a complete restore and see how long it actually takes.

        Also, if you are the only person within the organisation that knows how to administer the sbs, it may be worth investing in some third party support for the server. There will be occasions when things go wrong and you are not around...