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exchange information store didn't come back online?

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  • exchange information store didn't come back online?

    Had a power outage over the weekend that killed our UPS and didn't have a graceful shutdown. Was able to replicate the condition and both times users couldn't connect to exchange 2007.

    I noted the service for information store was shutdown and a simple restart appeared to fix everything.

    Any ideas why the info store is not liking a hard reboot and a good (but long, it's SBS!!) restart?

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    Re: exchange information store didn't come back online?

    Have you checked the event logs? If you are lucky, the long restart is the Information Store probably replaying the transaction logs to complete the integrity of your Exchange database.
    And what do you mean by "was able to replicate the condition"? Have you been going around pulling the plug out for fun (not recommended!!)?

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      Re: exchange information store didn't come back online?

      So you are saying the information store being offline (and the long restart) are a system check? The store was still offline 20 minutes after the restart completed and required a restart of the entire SBS to get it going.

      The 2nd power outage that night (thus replicate-able) showed the same behavior but this time I just found the services pertaining to exchange that were automatic and off and manually started them include in the information store and exchange ADaccess....

      and the logs don't tell me much. I spent the day after poking at everything pertaining to exchange under applications on the log but nothing was a smoking gun for me.

      Obviously a hard reset disrupts exchange in a way that either it doesn't recover well, needs a restart or takes FOREVER to check itself.

      I'm just curious who knows for sure what is going on here and if this is normal even if not acceptable.