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sbs exchange 2007 and spam?

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  • sbs exchange 2007 and spam?

    We are going live this week with my recent SBS 2008 install and will then be using the Exchange 2007 system. I've been doing some light reading on how to manage spam and it appears that Exchange 2007 is still a bit weak on spam control, but I do see the options I have.

    I have also installed AVG Professional for Exchange antivirus and it has it's on management of spam.

    Here are my questions:

    1. Is exchange spam control on by default or do I need to get in there to admin things?
    2. Does my AVG system trump (go before) the Exchange system or does it get plugged in that the end. (I know this is a question for them).

    I'm just curious which system may be the better to admin spam at the exchange level. Any useful input would be helpful as I already a lot more spam (and marked spam) hitting my phone inbox during my testing phase.


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    Re: sbs exchange 2007 and spam?

    Personally I prefer a HW solution to spam. Used Barracuda solutions at multiple jobs over the years with excellent results. Having said that, HW's not in everyone's budget.
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      Re: sbs exchange 2007 and spam?

      Although this still isnt brilliant, this is how you install the basic anti-spam features on exchange.

      You need to be assigned permissions before you can perform this procedure. To see what permissions you need, see the "Hub Transport server" entry in the Transport Permissions topic.

      1.Run the following command from the %system drive%/Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Scripts folder.

      Copy Code ./install-AntispamAgents.ps1

      2.After the script has run, restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service by running the following command.

      Copy Code Restart-Service MSExchangeTransport

      More reading here -


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        Re: sbs exchange 2007 and spam?

        Hi there.

        The Exchange 2007 has a pretty strong spam filter if you manage it properly- it is also very modular so you can be very specific in your spam policies. I have found some of the scan to email MFC don't like it because of certain policies but it is good to have because you can either bounce the mail or send it to your junk mailto avoid losing the mail that might not be spam.

        If you going to install the AVG it check with the guys from AVG but I would think it is ok on your SBS box as it scans port 25.


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          Re: sbs exchange 2007 and spam?

          I much prefer a relay spam service for a number of reasons: they are usually much more professional at managing spam and are resourced for it; it usually costs less than a hardware or software solution managed by you in the SMB space; and the spam uses their bandwidth and not yours, though they normally sit on a backbone and don't care.
          (Disclosure: I am an ExchangeDefender reseller, so not impartial about this. However my clients tend to agree with me and buy this service from me after checking the above considerations).

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