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Retrieving Folders other than the Inbox

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  • Retrieving Folders other than the Inbox

    I am new to SBS2008, however, I have it set up and would now like to populate the mailboxes from the users old mail system (Linux sendmail). I set up the POP3 connector and it worked great for retrieving the inbox mail, however, it did not pick up the sent mail or other user created folders. I haven't been able to figure out if it is working as designed, or if something is wrong. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Retrieving Folders other than the Inbox

    This is design behaviour for POP3

    What email client is being used -- if it is Outlook, setting up RPC/HTTPS (Outlook Anywhere) is quick and cheap. If not, OWA client is pretty good!
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      Re: Retrieving Folders other than the Inbox

      Some end users will use outlook and I don't expect them to have a problem because all of their folders are already there. However, others currently use webmail and will move to OWA. I need to make sure all of the web based users have their mail and folders already set up before they migrate to the new system.


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        Re: Retrieving Folders other than the Inbox

        If there are messages on a server in folders then how did those folders get created?
        The POP3 connector will only retrieve the Inbox because that is all POP3 supports. All other folders are client side. Creating folders outside of Inbox is usually done by IMAP.

        Therefore you need to establish if IMAP is available to that server. If it is, then the data can be moved using Outlook. It isn't quick, but that is about your only option. Purchasing something to do the work for you is unlikely to be worth the cost for a small number of users on an SBS Server.

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          Re: Retrieving Folders other than the Inbox

          The folders were created through the existing webmail (browser based) client.

          If POP3 only support inbox messages, that is what I need to know...seems like there might not be a way to make this invisible to the end users. I was hoping to point them to the new OWA client location and have all of their mail (and folders) ready for them.
          Thanks for the information.