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Problem connecting Windows 10 pro clients to sbs 2011

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  • Problem connecting Windows 10 pro clients to sbs 2011

    I have this client who is changing his client pc's. The new ones came with windows 10 standard, but had them all upgraded to pro so as to join the existing domain. The server is running sbs 2011. 2 out of 7 brand new units all with same specs and same os, joined the domain without any problems what so ever. The other 5 are telling me path not found. Checked ip, gateway, subnet and dns entries for all machines. Also, pinging server using ip or fqdn are not showing any problems. Pinging domain also returns good result. I installed the connector and edited the supportedOS xml file to include windows 10, but still cannot find path. Tried restarting DNS and even rebooted the server itself, yet so far those 5 did not join th domain. Why is it that not all of them are giving the problem? Anything else I am missing? Any replies will be greatly appreciated.