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Outlook 2007 not connecting to sbs2003

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  • Outlook 2007 not connecting to sbs2003


    One of my clients still works with a sbs2003 server and outlook 2007 on windows 7 and windows 8 clients.
    A couple of weeks back Outlook 2007 on 2 of the client systems don't connect to exchange after starting up.
    The computer has to be restarted 2 to 3 times before outlook connects to exchange.
    I have already looked at a list of possible causes but until now with no success.

    Do you recognize this issue and if yes what was your solution?

    Client is aware of working on an obsolete system and has been advised several times over to upgrade.

    I am open to all suggestions for possible causes and solutions.


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    I have already looked at a list of possible causes but until now with no success.

    Knowing what you've tried would be good for us to know.

    Do you recognize this issue and if yes what was your solution?

    You haven't actually described the symptoms of the problem. Telling us that they won't connect could mean virtually anything.


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      Thanks Joe,

      Below some more details on taken steps.

      After cold starting the windows (7 and 8.1) system and logging in to the domain and manual start of outlook the message appears "Connecting to Microsoft Exchange" and ends with "Not connected"
      The systems worked fine until about 2 weeks after the company moved to another office last December. No new hardware was introduced during the move.
      Both systems with this issue end up working after the 2nd or 3rd restart.

      Done so far:
      Checked and optimized the network connections
      Checked DHCP, DNS and WINS
      Cleaned and optimized the exchange databases
      Cleaned and optimized server system and local hard drives
      Checked server on unwanted software
      Server is up to date with all service packs and hot fixes

      Reinstalled Outlook 2007 repeatedly including removing local caching files like OST
      Tested with fixed IP address on clients
      Moved PC network cable to different wall outlet
      Changed NIC automatic detection to manual settings on speed and duplex
      Checked PC's on unwanted software


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        Check the event logs on the server, it might be client sessions exceeded or something like that. Clients get a maximum of 16 MAPI sessions by default IIRC, if they exceed this (E.g. due to an unreliable network connection and frequent disconnects/reconnects) then they will show as disconnected. Error message comes from MSExchangeIS in the application log.
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          Hi cruachan,

          Thanks, will check that and see what errors are mentioned.


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            No errors in the logfiles on the MAPI sessions