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SBS 2003 - fax usage

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  • SBS 2003 - fax usage

    Hi all,

    I've decided to install USB faxmodem (A-LINK 5614CU) on my server with SBS2003 SP2. Installation/configuration proceeds good, receive/sending works ok, but only on my account (in administrators group). It does not matter, if I am connected directly on server or through client.

    The other users in domain can join to fax, but they only view folder content, also when are trying to send fax, after sending the message it isn't in folder "sending", it is nowhere.

    My questions:

    - how should I set up options for anyone in my domain? (which folders-rights need to be granted)
    - it is possible to manage fax through other software, than native in OS? (e.g. in Windows 7 may I more options than with utilities in Windows XP ... send other files from other locations etc.)

    Many thanks in advance!