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strange authentication / permission issue?

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  • strange authentication / permission issue?

    Strange issue with folder redirections & network shares

    SBS2011, with only a few local domain users, several remote. Problem is, folder redirection for local clients isn't working. Also, the user is not able to create folders/files inside of shares that he has full control over according to both the NTFS permissions and share permissions.

    For the folder redirection, when I create a new user, the user's folder is created by SBS OK, but when the user logs in, it doesn't create the Documents, Pictures, etc. folders within the user's existing folder. I found in the Event Viewer that it throws an 'access is denied' error. However, the user is able to view the folder & it's contents (which is empty), just not create anything in it.

    Similarly, when the user opens a shared folder (which they have proper share/NTFS permissions to), they can view contents no problem, but not create files/folders. This is happening to more than one user, and also happens when I had an affected user try a different domain computer.

    I am somewhat stumped as I've looked at all the permissions I can think of and can't figure out what's wrong. Here's another thing - if I log in via RDP to the server using the same credentials as one of these users, I can create the folder as desired! Something strange is going on with the local domain computers.

    Any takes? If this should get moved to a different forum can a moderator please do so?
    Thanks in advance