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Another odd Outlook 2003/SBS2003 odd problem

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  • Another odd Outlook 2003/SBS2003 odd problem

    As the owner of a small company, I've just been forced to rebuild our SBS2003 server after a major glitch, as our IT provider has got himself a day-job.

    As the ident says, I have Enough Knowledge To Be Dangerous, but was able to get most things running - though I'm sure the security is less than ideal at the moment.

    The problem relates to connecting Outlook 2003 from my notebook remotely to the Exchange Server. Briefly:

    It works connected directly to the office LAN
    It works connected via Vodafone GPRS datacard and VPN
    It doesn't work via the home router - the VPN connects, but Outlook refuses to.
    The router setup has not changed from settings that did work before the Server rebuild.

    The "return" indicator for the VPN connection icon in the systray shows no activity.
    Opening the inwards path (momentarily) to all services on router made no change.


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    Re: Another odd Outlook 2003/SBS2003 odd problem

    Do you have isa 2000 on this machine - if so beware that each time you run Internet connection Wizard, it turns off any 'custom' filters you may have inplace. For 'custom' read - 'anyhting you did outside wizards.

    What config do you have (no. of network cards, router etc.) - do you have the ability to trap packets of data and see whats happening? Can you run outlook web access from home - can you run remote web workplace from home?

    And - has anything changed with your ISP at home since you did this work?