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I deleted server NIC -now unable to login to SBS 2008

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  • I deleted server NIC -now unable to login to SBS 2008

    server profile HP DL380 G4 10Gb Ram, 275 Gb storage 2 Nics, SBS 2008
    migrated from Server 2003 Enterprise & Exchange 2003.

    i attempted to team the 2 HP NICs. during the process, the system blue-screen'ed and all outward connectivity was lost.

    i attempted to remove the now 'teamed' NICs to return to the 'status quo'.
    with some difficulty, and extended time, and a reboot, the team was disolved.
    the NIC properties page was 'locked' and unable to be accessed.

    i discovered with some help from the web, that a registry entry 6to2.dll was locking the property page. i renamed the registry entry, and - reading several solutions at once - foolishly decided to delete all NICs from the hardware profile at the same time... assuming that they would be auto-discovered, and reinstalled on reboot.
    reboot of the server resulted in the following error [with NO RESOLUTION]

    Safemode with networking reboot offers: net logon service not started.

    i have no way to the server to restore the network cards, or repair the AD.
    please help!

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    Re: I deleted server NIC -now unable to login to SBS 2008

    Someone may be able to suggest something, but it seems to me that this is going to be one of those cases where you reinstall the OS and recover from your backup.
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      Re: I deleted server NIC -now unable to login to SBS 2008

      Assuming you know the password, I would reboot into DSRM and change the NIC properties there. It might not work, but it's worth a try.

      If that doesn't work I think you're stuck with getting the big hammer out. Of course you took a full backup before making a major change didn't you?
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