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Installing SBS2008 from scratch

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  • Installing SBS2008 from scratch

    Hello and thanks for reading,

    I'm about to install my first SBS2008 box, and I.m a bit worried as I've never installed a server before. i have been working for some years with small (up to 20 users) peer to peer networks, but now the company decided to use a domain and also the Exchange server 2007, so I bought the SBS2008 and a decent HP Proliant server (I set up 4 disks 2xRAID1). I just need some hints from you, experts.

    What do I have to take in account, I mean do I need a backup domain, what is that?, do you recommend to use a POP3 connector?. I don't want to host our website in house. Do I connect the server in the core switch or in one of the edges?.

    Thank you very much and best regards,


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    Re: Installing SBS2008 from scratch

    the server os i s installed muchlike any other os or application. just reember with sbs - "UTFW" - Use The Fine Wizard.

    pop3 connector should only be used if absolutely essential, it is relatively insecure (clear text passwords)

    im not sure what a "backup domain' is hwever you definitely need to configure a domain name (wizard will help) and should configure backups.

    you can leave your website where it is.

    where the server gets cnnectd really depends on your network. with 20 users, i'd find it hard to differentiate between core and edge, but for max throughput, bung it on the core.

    there are plenty of online guide for sbs, but it's fairly straight forward. if you're in doubt, get them to give you some training. it probably seems expensiv to them, but it's cheaper than having it balls-up
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      Re: Installing SBS2008 from scratch

      Thank you very much for your information tehcamel !

      My concern is about the email, because we are using now a hosted Exchange solution, and I don't know if the transition will be smooth enough or immediate, I guess every client will have to make a backup, or do I have to ask to the Exchange hosting company to back up everything and pass it to me?

      I were thinking on using the POP3 connector only for the SPAM, I wanted our hosting copany to filter it before the email is sent to my server... but I see it's not a good idea as you advice. I guess I'll have to buy a good anti-spam solution right?.

      Thanks again,



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        Re: Installing SBS2008 from scratch

        Your hosting provider should help you, maybe offering a paid for filtering and forwarding service (e.g. Messagelabs)

        SMTP delivery is the preferred option as it is instant (POP is scheduled) and more secure / reliable
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          Re: Installing SBS2008 from scratch

          This may be an excellent purchase if you are unsure of how SBS 2008 works and is configured.
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            Re: Installing SBS2008 from scratch

            Thank you very much,

            biggles77 the TrainSignal course looks great, thank you for the information, I'll see if I can buy it.

            One more question if you don't mind. Is there any way I can keep the hosted Exchange service and test my new Exchange with the same domain (other accounts of course) ?

            Have a nice day,