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Reinstall SBS 2008

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  • Reinstall SBS 2008

    I have a very very weared problem with my SBS 2008.
    I installed the server about 6 month ago, for some reason one day i tried to add a new user with the add user wizard but with no success, i'm getting an error on the AD.
    I did a system state recovery and after the recovery i got more problems.
    now i'm in a position of no faxing coming in (the fax server take the call but the fax not receiving the fax) alots of error on databases, but I can add a new user.
    so i decided to reinstall the server all over, now my question is, can I save the AD (all the user list and info) and after i'll install the new server to import the AD settings and list.

    Thank you all for your help,

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    Re: Reinstall SBS 2008

    you might need to do a full system state backup, then after reinstalling the OS,
    you can do an authoritative restore of AD.
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      Re: Reinstall SBS 2008

      if i'll do a full system state backup and restore it you think that all my error won't back with the restore?
      I can't just backup and restore the AD?


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        Re: Reinstall SBS 2008

        How do I run full system state back on sbs 2008?

        Thanks for your help


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          Re: Reinstall SBS 2008

          The following link is useful.

          Ensure you backup any data etc as well.


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            Re: Reinstall SBS 2008

            But if your error is in AD, then a system-state backup and restore is just going to perpetuate that error!

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              Re: Reinstall SBS 2008

              I wonder what the error is? Maybe if we had that information some solutions could be suggested to fix it.
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                Re: Reinstall SBS 2008

                I did clean installation and than restore my system state backup
                works fine but now I have some permission issuses on the registry.
                I can't install office or even adobe reader?!? some regkey I don't have permissions.
                There is and way to reset the registry permission to default, or and other way to get full access as an administrator on the registry.


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                  Re: Reinstall SBS 2008

                  How many users / computers?

                  It may be best to do a totally clean install
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                    Re: Reinstall SBS 2008

                    Originally posted by yoavna View Post
                    I can't install office
                    Why are you installing Office on the SBS server?
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