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Problems after changing IP

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  • Problems after changing IP

    Hi all

    I had to recently change my IP of the SBS 2008 server.

    I did this with Connect to the Internet Wizard and then Fix My Network.

    All this has done is mess things up!

    Everytime I re-run them it does something else undesireable. Like changing my IP to something I told it not to.

    I have got it to the point now where DNS, DHCP etc are all working.

    Exchange is playing up though!

    The problem is this:

    I can telnet on the server, to itself, on port 25
    I CANT telnet to the server on a local machine
    I CANT telnet to the server from outside the network
    I can send email
    I can telnet to other servers on port 25, outside my network

    Server firewall has been completely disabled for now. AV was also completely disabled.

    I have changed the IP on the Receive connector within EMC and everywhere else I can find within there.

    OWA works still from inside and outside.

    What do I do next? help no emails is killing me.

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    Re: Problems after changing IP

    Is this your LAN IP or your public one?
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      Re: Problems after changing IP

      Well, after a final reboot it all came back up, even though this was the 100th reboot!

      I'll be honest and say I am not sure what done it.

      I created a new test receive connector within EMC, which didnt work.

      I disabled the default receive connector during this time and re-enabled it after I deleted the test one...maybe this done it after the reboot?


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        Re: Problems after changing IP

        It was my internal one.

        What a palava.

        Tomorrow I move offices in which I will be assigned a new public IP, but now my internal is set to what it will be I assume I will be ok to just plug n play so to speak.

        I wanted to get the internal range set right now at the old office so I didnt have to fanny about doing it in the new office.

        Hopefully now this is all done and I can move, and be up and running with the minimal of reconfiguration.


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          Re: Problems after changing IP

          Well, now in new office and have problems.

          Exchange is receiving emails but any emails sent are just stuck in outbox.

          Using a trial of Outlook 2010 and it gets stuck for ages on Loading Profile.

          Eventually it loads but "Test email autoconfiguration" fails.

          On the bottom though it does say Connected To Exchange.

          I -think- I reverted any options I set whilst messing around with Exchange last night to get it to work on the new IP range, but I must be missing something.



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            Re: Problems after changing IP

            Well, all working again.

            No idea why if I'm honest, this server has a freaking mind of its own.

            Yes yes I know its me...