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cant reach the router after ISA 2000

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  • cant reach the router after ISA 2000

    SBS 2003

    Following the successful installation of ISA 2000 the only problem I have is that I can't reach the router, even though the LAT includes the ip range of the router ( the local network is on the 192.168.111.x range

    Requires Basic authentication not forms based, !!!! (I think)

    local address bypass box is ticked and I hav'nt changed any default settings.

    The router is 2wire intelligent gateway and uses a range of 5 fixed external ip addresses one of which is allocated to the sbs server

    The local NIC does not have a gateway ip address,

    any ideas !

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    Re: cant reach the router after ISA 2000

    Could you post more about your setup, please? Are you using 2 NICS or 1? What are(is) their (its) IP address(es). ow are you trying to reach the router? Are you trying to reach it from a client or server? Does the client have the ISA client installed?
    Sorry for all the questions but it makes answerring more relavant instead of just throwing out a response.

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      Re: cant reach the router after ISA 2000

      Hi sorry about the lack of detail.

      the internal network is on 192.168.111.x
      the router the other side of the sbs is on the server ip is

      the router is a 2 wire intelligent gateway which allocates ips by dhcp but also allocates one of the configured public address (5) to any selected internal host namely the SBS

      prior to installing ISA 2000 configuration of the router could be done on

      when I try to connect now I get a security logon box that will not accept any set of credentials

      I get the feeling that the problem lies in basic/forms authentication in as much the ISA will not pass basic authentication to the router through itself to the router even if the 10.0.0.x subnet is set in the LAT


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        Re: cant reach the router after ISA 2000

        Are you saying the SBS server is getting it's IP from the router?
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          Re: cant reach the router after ISA 2000

          No ,I am sorry the sbs external nic has a static ip assigned.