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  • Companyweb

    Hey guys,

    For some reason my companyweb site doesnt work. I'm not too familiar with IIS so i'm not too sure where to start in figuring it out.

    When I browse to it, an error comes with the title: Server Error in Application "SBS WEB APPLICATIONS"

    The Error details say: HTTP Error 403.14 - ForbiddenThe Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory.

    Any ideas is appreciated.

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    Re: Companyweb

    Has it always been like that ?

    What changed recently?
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      Re: Companyweb

      I am unable to tell you if anything has changed. I only took on this site 1 week ago and they asked me to fix this specific problem.

      I have had no luck getting in contact with the former IT company.

      Apparently it was working once upon a time.


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        Re: Companyweb

        Gerdy, you are having some big problems there.

        The Sharepoint problem could be a number of things.

        If I were you I would match security up with a known good install as it does sound like an IIS security issue.

        Check all of your port bendings and host headers are set up correctly in IIS.

        After this if you still have a problem, it is fairly easy to uninstall and reinstall. I am guessing there is no content worth saving here.

        Follow this link, it a failry straight forward process.

        I am assuming here that you are running SBS2008. If it is 2003, just google "remove and reinstall companyweb sbs2003"

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          Re: Companyweb

          Has it ever worked?

          Can you check whether WSS3 has received a recent security update or any updates with regards to SharePoint.

          An update broke Company Web for one of our clients the other day and we had to re-create Company Web and re-attach the content database.
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            Re: Companyweb

            My starting point with SBS is usually to run the BPA and see what it flags up. Default IIS permissions are one of the things checked if I remember rightly.

            I'd definitely do that before taking the big hammer to sharepoint, that's very much a last resort IMO. As Virtual asked, has it ever worked and are there backups from when it did?
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              Re: Companyweb

              Also check out the SBS Blog. There are a number of articles telling you how patches have affected SharePoint.

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