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Unified messaging Role with SBS 2008

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  • Unified messaging Role with SBS 2008

    Hello everyone,

    Is it possible to use the Exchange 2007 unified messaging role with SBS 2008?


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    Re: Unified messaging Role with SBS 2008

    Amazing what happens when you try searching for something on Google...

    Or didn't you try that

    Maybe that will answer your question for you.
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      Re: Unified messaging Role with SBS 2008

      Yes! I did Google for it and what I found is that Microsoft does not recommend it. However, they haven't said if I could or not. I always do some research before I ask on any forum. But, sometimes I like to confirm on some forum like this on. I always like this forum in particular and I always had great respect for M. Petri.

      But the way you answer me...well!


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        Re: Unified messaging Role with SBS 2008

        I just cut and paste the subject title into google and the first 3 results showed me all the answers to your questions.

        You can, but its not recommened, and its not supported by MS, therefore, if you must ask, I do not recommend you do it.

        BTW, 2 mins ago I had no idea about this at all, and then google educated me, it could of done the same for you.

        Good to be back....


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          Re: Unified messaging Role with SBS 2008

          Folks, lets keep it professional here...
          Tom Jones
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            Re: Unified messaging Role with SBS 2008

            Professionally - MS does not support it. That doesn't mean it doesn't work, as we know.
            Now some unsupported scenarios are worth taking the risk, if you weigh up the advantages/disadvantages. (One example I can think of is, I installed Outlook on the server to solve a particular problem. Not a supported scenario and there is an inherant risk. However it solved my spefic problem, and was reversible in that I could uninstall Outlook and return to a supported condition)
            In the case of UM with Exchange, I definitely would NOT recommend you go there. If you have a problem, then PSS cannot support you (and you always want them to be able to support you - the SBS guys IMHO are the best support engineers that Microsoft has!). Nor can you easily remove the UM role and return to a supportable position.
            There was hope for a while, that whilst MS produced Response Point (a VoIP solution) that they would think about including it and UM in SBS next, however Response Point has since been discontinued.......

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