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  • Emails lost

    Hey guys,

    At one of my sites, the clients stopped recieving emails. After hours of trying to figure out why, it was found that the disk that exchange DBs are located have become almost full. This server runs sbs 2008 and has a pop3 connector setup to retrieve emails which then puts the emails in the appropriate mailbox.

    All is well now and new emails arrive. The problem that exists is that the emails that were sent to the users at the time exchange server was not functioning, have not arrived and seem to be lost.

    The emails are however, in the email hosts webmail that the pop3 connector connects to (along with all emails ever sent to the addresses).

    Any knowledge on how to retrieve the lost emails? or get exchange/pop3 connector to redownload all emails in the past day?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Emails lost

    logon to webmail for the pop3 accounts, and make all the emails as 'unread"

    see if that helps.

    otherwise, i know it's annoying,
    create a pop3 profile for each user, download the relevant email, then delete the pop3 profiles
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      Re: Emails lost

      Moved to the SBS 2008 area because POP3 connectors are an SBS 2008 feature, not Exchange.

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        Re: Emails lost

        Check for sync issues, we had the same problem on one of our site, but a AV dismounted the database for us, and for some reason the emails got stuck in the users sync issue folder. Once the database was re-mounted, the users could go there and pull it out themselfs, but it would not apper in the inbox without help.

        If that does not help, and you only have a few users, Log on and Forward them to the users, not the best practise, but it will resolve the problem. (If you can not do it for all users, might be a idea if you have any VIPS).

        Failing all of this, you could install a 3rd party pop 3 connector. I know Quatium Connector works well, and will let you see what messages the server is trying to download, and retire single messages.

        Failing that, Ftp....

        Good to be back....