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Changing internal ip

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  • Changing internal ip

    Hi all

    I saw the other thread but I'm not sure we are doing exactly he same thing...don't want to hijack so here goes.

    I will be moving offices soon where i will be required to change my server ip range completely.

    Not 100% on what each wizard does and I really can't afford to mess this up!

    What are the steps and in what order should I do this?

    Any pitfalls to look out for?

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    Re: Changing internal ip

    If you are moving into a new office, with nothing there already, if your staying with the same ISP, they should be able to keep your IP address (if you are running a static), if your on a dynamic IP address, then there is no problem at all.

    If you move, but are unable to keep your ISP, or they force you to change your IP, then it depends on what services you run. Email (if SMTP will need a new MX record), if your website is hosted on your server, you will have to update its pointers as well.

    SMTP Email (call whoever hosts your Email(if unsure, try who hosts your website) and ask them to change the MX record to what your new IP address will be.

    There should be no need to change the internal network configuration of your network, unless you REALLY want to.

    re-Reads post, sees Required in there....

    How meny Servers are we talking about? A single SBS box, or a SBS box with 3 backend SQL servers?

    Run the Connect to the Internet Wizard, it should let you change your IP there. If that does not work, then change your IP manully, and run the "Fix my internet" Wizard (Deselect the first 2 options(Primart Gateway and Network Router)), and remember to change the settings in the router for mail/remote access.
    If its more servers, we need more details.

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      Re: Changing internal ip



      My new office is on a business park so I will be forced to change the internal IP range. External IP will be changed too.

      I'm not too worried about external IP changing as that is just a few DNS mods.

      Single SBS 2008 box, running all the usual services. DC/DHCP/DNS/SMTP etc.

      I'll try the Connect wizard first I guess, if not I'll be poeting back in a week or so!